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Spot Poll: What's Your Favorite Thayer School Class?

Paul Salipante ’07
Paul Salipante ’07

“ ‘Solid Mechanics.’ The bridge project. Everything we learned during the term was applied to the project. All of the theoretical stuff matched up with the actual testing, which was really cool.”
—Paul Salipante ’07

Devin Brande Th'07
Devin Brande Th’07

“I liked ‘Modern Control Theory’ and ‘Introduction to Systems Identification.’ It’s one of the only areas that’s really interesting and satisfying in that there really is an achievable answer that’s in your realm of comprehension. It doesn’t need to be simplified for you to understand it. And it’s very applicable.”
—Devin Brande Th’07

Monica Martin de Bustamante '08
Monica Martin de Bustamante ’08

“ ‘Introduction to Engineering.’ It was a mixture of everything engineering entails. The project topic was to create something to improve learning. I liked it because the topic was really open.”
—Monica Martin de Bustamante ’08

Shanshan Lu, Ph.D. Candidate
Shanshan Lu, Ph.D. Candidate

“ ‘Numerical Analysis [Numerical Methods in Computation].’ Professor Shepherd was funny and explained things very well. He made jokes about the steps and he said it’s a lot like dancing class, with step one, step two, etc.”
—Shanshan Lu, Ph.D. candidate

“ ‘Introduction to Engineering.’ You got to actually build and try out something you invented. It was a great beginning class.”
—Corbin Churchill ’05

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