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Spot Poll: What’s Your Dream Job?

Max Fagin Th’11
Max Fagin Th’11. Photograph by John Sherman.

My dream job is to be the lead engineer for a new-build airplane at Boeing. Aviation is one of my passions, and it would truly be a dream to shape the progress of one of the most important industries in the modern world.
—Benjamin Meigs ’10 Th’11

My dream job is to be an entrepreneur. Seeing an idea through from start to company, defining my own ideal job, and responding to disasters are the ultimate engineering challenges.
—Lauren Alpeyrie ’10 Th’11

I want to be the first person on Mars—or at least on the first mission to Mars. I’ve always wanted a career in space, so I majored in physics and astronomy at Vassar and added engineering through the dual-degree program at Thayer. I think there definitely will be a mission to Mars in my lifetime and I want to be on it.
—Max Fagin Th’11

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