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Spot Poll: What’s Your Dream Job?

Working at IDEO as a product designer. I like the way that they approach the task of designing as being free and open. They encourage wild ideas while having as much fun as possible at work.
— Christine Bettencourt ’13

Director of emergency management. Emergency management is all about making sure complex systems and supply chains work smoothly during worst-case scenarios. After interning at my local fire department, I realized that preparing for and responding to disasters are the ultimate engineering problems.
— Dave Seliger ’12

Working with GE using product design and material science to engineer and create new lines of green technology.
— Amanda Duchesne ’13

Matthew Strand
Matt Strand

I’m thinking about: designing and building robots because I envision a world where human productive potential is orders of magnitude higher thanks to robotic help; green technology because we need to change how we produce, store, and use energy; fresh water because designing, producing, and marketing a new means of getting fresh water that is affordable and adaptable will be vital over the next 20 years.
— Matt Strand ’10

Nana Amoah
Nana Amoah

Cell phone technology has permeated sub-Saharan Africa at an amazingly rapid speed. It would be cool to design medical technologies and applications that use cell phones to transmit/receive medical data and diagnose diseases. This would literally be mobile, quality healthcare for a large demographic.
— Nana Amoah ’11

Working for Audi developing sports cars that use hybrid technologies to maximize efficiency and acceleration.
— Dylan Payne ’13

I want to become an engineer in the field of sustainability and environmental protection. I am from China, where pollution and environmental damages will eventually cost more than we Chinese can get from the country’s breakneck development. Therefore I hope to learn how a city can develop sustainably.
— Yuan (June) Shangguan ’13

Manaure Francisquez-Rodriguez
Manaure Francisquez-Rodriguez

Working as a traveling-wave reactor core design engineer. Intellectual Ventures is working on a new kind of nuclear reactor that’s fueled with the nuclear waste power plants have produced for the past 50 years. This new reactor, called a traveling-wave reactor, contains a small amount of enriched uranium and the rest is the stockpiled waste. No CO2 emissions, and it cleans the planet of nuclear waste. It’s a pretty recent concept, but it sounds like a fission dream solution.
— Manaure Francisquez-Rodriguez ’11

Mariel Lacina
Mariel Lacina

To work with Engineers Without Borders, because they are such an amazing organization. They dedicate their knowledge and capabilities to helping out the people around the world who need it most — people who don’t even have the basic necessities of life. That’s pretty much why I decided I wanted to pursue engineering. I’d like to be able to help fight for the people who have the smallest voice.
— Mariel Lacina ’10

Designing a powered exoskeleton for the military. Every kid in this world has wanted to be a superhero. We want to run faster than a cheetah, we want to have superhuman reflexes, we want to be indestructible, and we all want to fly. Ever since I realized I couldn’t do that naturally, I’ve wanted to make a machine that I could wear to help me do all those things.
— Eric Wu ’13

To take the current seeds of technological innovation and place it in the hands of small businesses, local entrepreneurs, and the common man across the developing world. Information driving entrepreneurship: that’s what I want to work with. It’s both exciting and rewarding.
— Utkarsh (Uti) Agarwal ’13

Rene Zelaya
Rene Zelaya

A job overseas in smaller developing communities where there are health issues. I would be able to use all the tools the engineering major taught me to help solve these issues and further the development of the community.
— René A. Zelaya ’11

Blowing things up. Old structures that need to come down safely, plus there’s fireworks and special effects for movies. It’s pretty cool when it’s obvious whether what you worked on works or not.
— Alyson C. Pickett ’12

One where designing for conscientious human interaction with different environments was prioritized.
— Lauren Alpeyrie ’10

CEO of Owens Corning, or CEO, COO, or CFO of a Fortune 500 Company. I have always liked making things happen and running things.
— Natasha Herring ’12

Sharang Biswas
Sharang Biswas

A professor of engineering. I’d be dealing with cutting-edge technology, performing research for the betterment for humankind, and providing people with what they need the most: education. Plus I’d be able to put my unnaturally loud voice to good use in large lecture halls!
— Sharang Biswas ’12

— Compiled by Leanne Mirandilla ’10

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