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Spot Poll: What's Your Dream Job?

Photographs by Jennifer Seaton

Julie Lisi
Julie Lisi

“I’m going into consulting next year, and I’m hoping to switch to environmental consulting after a few years. I think it’s important to get a good sense of business first. Environmental consulting has the engineering aspect, and also I really enjoy teamwork and talking to people.”
—Julie Lisi ’05, Th’06

“I’d like to be chief science officer at a big drug company. I’d like to be able to direct research, and I think there’s a lot of room for developing drugs that can really add quality to people’s lives. The CSO is in the top spot without having to deal with all the economic issues the CEO deals with.”
—Grant Henderson, Ph.D. candidate

“I’d like to own a small design firm specializing in outdoor equipment. I’ve always enjoyed the design process, and it would combine with my interest in the outdoors.”
—Eben Sargent ’05, Th’06

Jordan Desroches
Jordan Desroches

“I’d like to work in design and production of a high-end sports car. I’d like to be with a small car company so I could work on a broad range of products.”
—Jordan Desroches ’03, Th’05

“I always thought being a pyrotechnics expert on movies would be sweet. But I’m doing the M.E.M. program so I’m focusing more on the business stuff. I have a job next year in high-tech consulting. My plan is to work for them for a year and see if I miss getting my hands dirty with engineering. As long as it has a lot of variety and is challenging, I’ll be happy.”
—Jeff Hebert ’04, Th’06

“It might be doing business strategy at a biotech or pharmaceutical company. I really like that industry because of its basis in science. I’d like to be involved in how the company is positioning itself. The industry is growing and changing so much I want to see where it goes. I think it will be a very big part of our lives.”
—Maaza Mehzun ’04, Th’06

“Astronaut. It’s applying exciting aspects of nature and the world plus engineering. It represents success in the field and also in life. You have to be in top physical as well as mental shape.”
—James Joslin ’05, Th’07

“I don’t know yet if I want to do engineering or more of engineering management. What would make me happiest is to see people who I don’t know using my product and having it work.”
—Gus Niles ’07

Ryan Conger
Ryan Conger

“I don’t see myself as an engineer for the rest of my life. I know I’ll be in technology. I’m trying to get an internship with Apple or Microsoft doing product design. That would bridge the gap between the technical aspect of engineering and business.”
—Ryan Conger ’05, Th’06

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