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Spot Poll: Have You Ever Worked on a Project that Failed?

Photographs by Kathryn LoConte

Andrew Herchek
Andrew Herchek '07

“This project I’m doing right now. It’s a digital bowling alley. We can’t get it to keep the proper score and we have a day and half before it’s due.”
—Andrew Herchek ’07

Cara Yang
Cara Yang '07

“In ‘Introduction to Engineering’ our original project was trying to use solar power to charge the battery in a hybrid car. It was completely impossible. We didn’t realize how big the solar panels would need to be — they’d be bigger than the car!”
—Cara Yang ’07

Bobby Calderwood '05 (left) and Michael Fritz '07
Bobby Calderwood '05 (left) and Michael Fritz '07

“Our bridge project was terrible. We didn’t allow time for the glue to dry.”
—Bobby Calderwood ’05 and Michael Fritz ’07

“I can think of projects where time ran out before we could get them to do what we wanted them to do. My ‘Introduction to Engineering’ project was an airbag for inside a motorcycle helmet. We couldn’t get it to deploy fast enough. If we had more time and a lot more money we could have made it work.”
—Donny Zimmanck ’07

Aaron Teitelbaum
Aaron Teitelbaum '07

“You might want to ask me tomorrow. … All the professors always tell you it’s the journey, not the top of the mountain.”
—Aaron Teitelbaum ’07

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