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Senior Heads to Training Camp

Vernon Harris
Vernon Harris. Photograph by Steve Sanders/Kansas City Chiefs.

Dartmouth cornerback and engineering major Vernon Harris ’16 headed to new turf this summer: the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp. With a record-breaking 40 starts in his Dartmouth football career and having made two consecutive All-Ivy first teams, the 21-year-old Harris was signed by the Chiefs this past spring term. Hoping to make make the Chiefs’ 53-man regular season roster, Harris is putting engineering temporarily on hold. Still two terms shy of completing his undergraduate studies, he plans to return to Thayer during the off season.

He also expects to return to engineering after his football career. “NFL stands for ‘Not for Long,’ so you just gotta enjoy the experience no matter how long it is,” he says. “I eventually want to come back to engineering. It’s one of my first loves and one of those things I feel is necessary in the world because there are a lot of problems out there and a lot of people need answers, and I feel like engineering, no matter in what capacity, can help. One day I’d love to go back to maybe a startup or somewhere I’d be able to get hands-on and definitely help out.”

MVP Drafted!

Going Pro: The Mobile Virtual Player (MVP), a robotic tackling dummy, takes the practice field with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team is using several MVPs, created by Thayer students, to reduce the risk of concussions.

Mobile Virtual Player robotic tackling dummy
Photograph by Pittsburgh Steelers/Karl Roser.

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