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Random Walk: Winterim

Photograph by Douglas Fraser.

Taking advantage of Dartmouth’s revised academic calendar—Fall Term now ends before Thanksgiving—Thayer School offered students the chance to take free short, non-credit courses during the first two weeks of December, a period dubbed Winterim. The mini-courses included small engines workshops, laser engraving and cutting, English technical writing, and the Internet of Things. The 24 students who studied the Internet of Things programmed various objects and systems to interact with the Internet, including a single-room security device, an off-line portable GPS system, a mobile weather station, a system to move a robot along pathways using an iPod, and a system to track real-time info and location data about Thayer School social media mentions. The Internet of Things “can apply to nearly every aspect of our lives,” says Director of Thayer Computing Services Mark Franklin ’83 Th’85, who taught the course. “There is strong and growing demand for engineers capable of creating and maintaining these systems, utilizing diverse skills, including electronics, electromechanical systems, sensors, networking, servers, and web applications.” There’s another reason, Franklin adds, why he was eager to teach students about the Internet of Things: “It’s fun.”

—Kathryn Lapierre

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