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Random Walk: Ode to Thayer

Strolling through Couch Student Project Lab, we came across a whiteboard that held a bit of anonymous late-night student creativity:


(To the tune of the U.S. Marines’ Hymn)

Ode to Thayer School
Photograph by Kathryn LoConte.

From the halls all laced with scatter plots,
To the great I triple E.
We shall work until our dying breath,
(Or we’ve run out of coffee)…
From the lecture in the morning,
To the night of pizza and beer,
We are proud to claim the title of
The Thayer School Engineers!

“The most capable, the most faithful,”
Are the virtues we uphold.
We shall place our work before all else,
With our social lives on hold.
Lift a chorus, sing a noble song
To each and every year,
That we’ve spent immersed within the ranks
Of the Thayer School Engineers!

Here’s a toast to every tool we’ve broke,
To the op-amps we’ve destroyed.
To the labs where we have spent the night,
To the TAs we’ve annoyed.
To the Tuck and Hitchcock graduates,
We shall all be worthy peers,
For they’ll find their limos serviced by

— Semper Insomnis

For more photos, visit our Around the Lab set on Flickr.

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