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Random Walk: Microscopic Garden

Microscopic Garden
Image captured by Kaiyang Yin.

Each fall Thayer holds an image contest in conjunction with the school’s Visionaries in Technology lecture series. Students, postdocs, and research associates submit images that turn research into art. Kaiyang Yin, a PhD candidate working in Professor Ulrike Wegst’s lab, created this year’s winning image, “Water Lily Pond and Japanese Bridge: A Microscopic Garden.” Inspired by Claude Monet’s garden, Yin used a scanning electron microscope to capture elements of the bio-inspired materials he is developing for medical applications, such as peripheral nerve repair and dissolvable ureteral stents. “The Japanese bridge is a section of freeze-cast scaffolds. The pond and surrounding plants were created by conducting tape and collagen fibers,” he says. Add some Photoshop, and the result is magic.

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