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Random Walk: MEM Mugging Ceremony

M.E.M. students at the Mugging Ceremony
Photograph by Douglas Fraser.

Master of Engineering Management (MEM) students gathered in Jackson Conference Room at the end of Fall Term for the annual MEM Mugging Ceremony. A yearly ritual since 2005, the Mugging Ceremony marks the end of the 18-month degree program. Why mugging? Because each graduate receives a special M.E.M. coffee mug. “They’re going off into the workforce. They’ll need a coffee mug,” says Ross Gortner, assistant director of the MEM program who earned his own Thayer MEM degree in 2004. And since some grads won’t make it back to campus in June for Commencement, “the party is a chance for everyone to get together and say goodbye,” says Gortner, shown crouching in the photo. Despite the weak economy, 16 of the 40 class members are heading right into jobs at Boeing, Eaton, General Mills, McKinsey, Microsoft, and other corporations. The rest expect to find company desks for their coffee mugs within six months. The MEM program is directed by Thayer Professor Robert Graves, pictured on the left, and Tuck Professor Kenneth Baker, right.

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