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Random Walk: HackDartmouth

HackDartmouth Random Walk
Photograph by Rusty Spydell.

For 24 hours on an April weekend, Thayer turned into the site of Dartmouth’s first hackathon. “A hackathon is where you get a bunch of nerds, geeks, and kids who are interested in technology together, give them all the swag, food, and caffeine they need, and see what kind of software and hardware projects they can make,” says HackDartmouth co-organizer Colby Ye ’16, who is pursuing an economics major modified with engineering. The hackathon, attended by some 200 students from Dartmouth and several other schools, had lofty goals, according to Ye: “first, to give students a chance to apply what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world projects, Second, to expose them more to careers in technology entrepreneurship, and third and perhaps most importantly, to foster a sense of creative, collaborative problem-solving here at Dartmouth.” A three-member Dartmouth coding team won the “Best Dartmouth Hack” competition category—one of several prize divisions—with a Swipr app for the Pebble smart watch to let students easily track their meal plan accounts. “Our idea was basically to have a meal plan watch app so you can see how many swipes you have right on your wrist,” says Henry Wilson ’18, who built the app with Kooshul Jhaveri ’18 and Robert Sayegh ’18. “There’s a whole slew of schools that use the same exact program, so this app would work for them as well,” says Wilson. App-happy coders will convene again in October at HackDartmouth II.

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