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Eric R. Fossum and Brian W. Pogued Named to Endowed Professorships

In honor of distinguished scholarship, teaching, and service to the College, two longtime Thayer faculty—Eric R. Fossum and Brian W. Pogue—have been named to endowed professorships. 

Eric Fossum. Photograph by Liza Friedman.

Fossum, who serves as the director of the PhD Innovation Program and as associate provost for the Office of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer, has been named the John H. Krehbiel Sr. Professor for Emerging Technologies. Pogue, who serves as the director of the MS and PhD programs at Thayer, has been named the MacLean Professor of Engineering. 

A semiconductor device physicist and electrical engineer, Fossum is renowned for his work with solid-state image sensors and camera-on-a-chip technology that has revolutionized how the world captures images. The complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) active pixel sensor that he invented in the 1990s originally at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is now found in nearly every camera, including billions of smartphones. 

“It is wonderful to be named the next John H. Krehbiel Sr. Professor for Emerging Technologies,” Fossum says. “To me, the joy of engineering is creating and inventing new technologies and then translating them from the lab to benefit society. At Thayer, we will continue to push the boundaries of sensing light and exploring new applications.” 

Brian Pogue
Brian Pogue. Photograph by Liza Friedman.

Pogue, who focuses on applications of biomedical optics, leads an interdisciplinary research team of biomedical engineers, researchers, and physicians from Thayer, Geisel School of Medicine, and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, who are developing imaging tools that can help guide surgery and radiation therapy. Pogue and his team have helped develop a molecular tracer for a cancer cell surface receptor to guide surgical resection, now currently being tested in surgical trials. He has also helped develop an imaging camera to track and verify radiation dose delivery in real time. 

“I am pleased to continue this work as the MacLean Professor of Engineering,” Pogue says. “Endowments such as this bridge generations of alumni and faculty, not unlike the bridges that we try to build across faculty and students in the medical and engineering schools.”

—Catha Mayor Lamm

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