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Kudos: Spring 2018

Awarded Professor Vikrant Vaze earned a Career Award from the National Science Foundation. Vaze is developing mathematical approaches and computational algorithms for efficient planning and operations of multiple civil infrastructure systems.

Awarded The New Hampshire High Tech Council named Professor Petra Bonfert-Taylor the 2018 TechTeacher of the Year for making Introduction to ENGS 20: Scientific Computing an active learning course and developing Thayer’s Dartmouth Emerging Engineers program.

Inducted Professor Richard Greenwald ’88 Th’88 was inducted into the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. Greenwald, the cofounder and president of Simbex, was elected for developing devices that record head impact in helmeted sports and assist amputees with walking and geriatrics with balancing.

Awarded Professor Eric Fossum, inventor of the CMOS active pixel image sensor, received the 2018 Yale Science & Engineering Association Award for Advancement of Basic and Applied Science because he “revolutionized optical sensor array technology and made whole fields of research possible.” Fossum earned his MS and PhD degrees from Yale in 1980 and 1984, respectively.

Cited The New Yorker highlighted the research of Professor Erland Schulson and Professor Don Perovich in its April 9 article “Black Ice, Near-Death, and Transcendence on I-91,” It quoted Schulson’s explanation that “Warm ice” is the state of “most ice we encounter in the world—nothing slipperier than that.”

Noted The team of MEM ’19 students Abhishek Agarwal, Sadie Doran, Adithyan Karunakaran, and Poorna Suresh took second place in the annual virtual business simulation run by the Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium. The five-week competition placed students at the helm of a virtual automotive manufacturing company.

Awarded Dual-degree program student Lisa Je ’18 earned the Mazilu Engineering Research Fellowship for 2018–19. The award will support her work with Professor Jifeng Liu on developing environmentally friendly and economical materials for solar cells.

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