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Investiture: Class of 2007

The Investiture ceremony honoring degree recipients was held June 9, 2007 in Spaulding Auditorium at the Hopkins Center. Dean Joseph Helble presided over the presentation of hoods, caps, and awards to the 123 recipients of Bachelor of Engineering and graduate degrees.

Investiture speaker Dr. John P. Holdren. Photo by Douglas Fraser
Investiture speaker Dr. John P. Holdren. Photo by Douglas Fraser

Thayer School’s Robert Fletcher Award recognized Dr. John P. Holdren, the Teresa and John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy at Harvard University and Director of the Woods Hole Research Center, for distinguished achievement and service. In his Investiture speech, Holdren, an expert on global environmental change, sustainable development, and energy technology and policy, outlined economic, environmental, and security issues surrounding energy challenges. Solutions will require advances both in technologies and in public policy, he told graduates.

“Engineers have an important role to play not only in the design and development and deployment of the improved technologies that are needed, but also in the public and political debates that must occur if the needed policies are to materialize. As I tell my own students, the ‘numbers’ are not everything in public policy — unquantifiable matters of preferences and priorities and politics always enter, too — but forming public policy without an appreciation for the technical facts on the ground is a prescription for failure,” Holdren said. “Engineers with the sorts of training you have received at the Thayer School — practical people who understand how technology works and how it is linked to the condition of the economy, the environment, and national and international security — need to be in the thick of the policy debate if we are to get sensible answers. Do not let anybody tell you otherwise.”

RITE OF PASSAGE: Engineers line up to receive their diplomas at Commencement. Photo by Joseph Mehling ’69
RITE OF PASSAGE: Engineers line up to receive their diplomas at Commencement. Photo by Joseph Mehling ’69



The Dartmouth Society of Engineers Prize for outstanding B.E. project: David Manegold ’02 Th’07, Henning Olsson Th’07, and Staffan Skallenas Th’07

The Dean’s Service Award for outstanding service to Thayer School, Dartmouth, or the broader world: Meredith Lunn ’06 Th’07

The Charles F. and Ruth D. Goodrich Prize for outstanding achievement: Christina Behrend ’07

The Caroline Henderson Prize for best M.E.M. project: Doris Ang Th’06 and Ryan Conger ’05 Th’07

The Thayer School of Engineering Corporate Collaboration Council Engineering Design Prize for best performance in ENGS 190/290: Chris Polashenski ’07 Th’07 and Luke Wachter ’06 Th’07

The Thayer School of Engineering Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in B.E. course work: Erica Wygonik ’99 Th’07

The Brieanna S. Weinstein Engineering Design Prize for new technologies, systems, or devices addressing physical or developmental disabilities: Kathryn Boucher ’09, Alex Latham ’09, Brian Mengwasser ’09, and James Preston ’09

The John C. Woodhouse Engineering Design Prize for cost-effective designs of experimental equipment: James Joslin ’05 Th’07

The John C. Woodhouse Environmental Engineering Prize for outstanding work in environmental study or research: John Ballard ’07 Th’07, Parke MacDowell ’07, Hillary Price Th’07

Excellence in Teaching Award: Simon Shepherd Adv’99

Outstanding Service Award for Faculty: John P. Collier D’72 Th’77

Outstanding Service Award for Staff: Ellen Stein ’86 and web design team members Catha Lamm, Alison Findon, Ellen Frye, and Karen Endicott

For more photos, visit our Investiture 2007 Flickr page.

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