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Investiture: Class of 2004

Class of 2004. Photograph by Mark Washburn.
Class of 2004. Photograph by Mark Washburn.

To the applause of their professors and families, 109 Thayer School students received hoods, caps, and honors at the 2004 Investiture on June 12.

Presiding over his last Investiture, outgoing Dean Lewis M. Duncan told the graduates, “We have provided for your education here to the very best of our abilities, but as we’re sure you recognize, your education is not yet complete, but only transitioning to a new stage.”

Robert Fletcher Award winner and Investiture speaker Rita R. Colwell, Distinguished Professor at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, welcomed the new engineers to the profession. “In our science-, engineering-, and technology-powered world of ever-increasing complexity,” she said, “there is a growing need for your knowledge and very special know-how, steeped in interdisciplinary education and social conscience — so very important as we try to understand each other in order to live in harmony and build a sustainable future.”

Engineers have social responsibilities, Colwell stated. “It is no longer enough for scientists and engineers to generate the new knowledge. We, as scientists and engineers, must be active in the support of, and debate about, the use of that knowledge. Science and engineering are strong and valuable forces for finding solutions to problems and for changing the world in positive ways. But, the task for all of us is to understand the issues that science and engineering raise and to be informed partners with the public in the debate about how knowledge is used.”

Dean Duncan urged the graduates to use their education to the fullest. “In adherence to the founding charge of Sylvanus Thayer,” he said, “we believe that you are indeed today the most capable and faithful, well prepared for the most responsible positions and the most difficult service. Of those to whom much is given, much is expected. And so we expect much of you. Through your choices and your deeds, through your professional careers and the lives that you lead, stand tall and proud, now and always the men and women of Thayer School.”

By the Numbers: Engineering Graduates


Brieanna S. Weinstein Engineering Design Prize: Brian M. Foley ’06, Albert M. Kang ’06, Andrew P. Argeski ’06, Zachary E. Pierce ’06 — Combined existing technologies with their own Java-based graphical user interface to create a touch-sensitive remote-control screen for turning household appliances on and off. The device increases independence for people lacking fine motor skills or confined to wheelchairs.

Thayer School of Engineering Corporate Collaboration Council Engineering Design Prize: Curt A. Monaco ’04, R. John Ring Th’04 — Designed a hybrid drive system for Dartmouth’s formula race car.

Special Faculty Award for Engineering and Service to Humanity: Matthew K. Sueoka ’04 — Designed new buildings for an orphanage in Bangladesh.

Thayer School Faculty Award for Academic Excellence: Alexander D. Streeter ’03, Th’04 (B.E.) — Obtained the highest academic record in coursework required for the Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Charles F. and Ruth D. Goodrich Prize: Hai Sun Th’04 (Ph.D.) — Designed an intra-operative stereovision system to track brain shape and motion in near-real time during surgery.

Caroline Henderson Prize: Ashly K. Downey Th’04 (M.E.M.) — Streamlined recruitment process for the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center.

John C. Woodhouse Engineering Design Prize: William H. Shields ’03, Th’04 (B.E.) — Developed and used a simulator to investigate the importance of component congruency to the integrity of knee replacements.

John C. Woodhouse Environmental Engineering Prize: Zhiliang Fan Th’04 (Ph.D.) — Developed a process using enzymatic hydrolysis to convert paper sludge, the refuse from the paper industry, to ethanol, a renewable fuel source.

The Dartmouth Society of Engineers Prize:

The Phillip R. Jackson Engineering Sciences Prize: Michael Martin ’06, Jon Groetzinger ’07, Ashley Levack ’07, and Eben Sargent ’05 — Designed a shower system that saves water and energy by cycling water through a reservoir until it is hot enough for use.

Excellence in Teaching Award: Francis E. Kennedy

Outstanding Service Award for Staff: Barbara E. Crawford, Philip D. Tacy

For more photos, visit our Investiture 2004 set on Flickr.

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