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I’m an Engineer and … an Ultimate Frisbee Player

by Kristen Senz
April 2018 • CoolStuff

Two-time world champion Piper Curtis '17 Th'18 talks about playing Ultimate Frisbee and training as a biomedical engineer in this new video, part of Thayer’s “I’m an Engineer and..” series.

Curtis was a member of the undefeated USA Ultimate Women's U24 National Team at the 2018 World Championships in Perth, Australia, this past January. She started playing in high school and now plays on the Dartmouth team, using it as an outlet after spending long hours on her engineering studies.

“They’re both pretty large time commitments, but I think it makes it more enjoyable to have both,” she says.

In the fast-pace sport of Ultimate Frisbee, handlers throw the Frisbee to cutters, who try to stay open to catch and score. In 2015, the International Olympic Committee recognized the World Flying Disk Federation as a legitimate sport organization, a step toward one day making Ultimate an Olympic sport.

Curtis, who plays as a cutter, was also a member of the U19 USA Ultimate Women's team that won the 2014 World Championship in Lecco, Italy. She plans to graduate this spring.

Piper Curtis '17 Th'18

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