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I Want One of Those!

The Bike That Grows

Alden Adolph ’11, Thomas Collier ’11, Max McClorey ’11, Kevin McGregor ’11, and Chris Zentner ’11 designed a bike that grows as a child grows. The bike uses only one set of 20-inch wheels but can be adjusted to mimic the geometries of a bike with 16-, 20-, and 24-inch wheels. The students won the Phillip R. Jackson Award for outstanding performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering. Their teaching assistant was M.E.M. student Eric Klem ’08.Bike that grows

Self-Sanitizing Keyboard

Forget the Purell. ENGS 21 students Sean Currey ’11, Elizabeth Kemp ’11, Heather Kluk ’11, and Yolanda Lin ’11 built a self-sanitizing keyboard. Keyboard covers rotate after use for cleansing by ultraviolet light. The group’s teaching assistant was B.E. student Scott Lananna ’08.

Self-sanitizing keyboard

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