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I Want One of Those: Take-a-Breather

Image courtesy of Take-a-Breather Group.

When asthma strikes, people can regain their breath by using an effective but inconvenient electric nebulizer, a small but inefficient metered dose inhaler (MDI), or an MDI that has a long spacer attached to it to ensure that the medication reaches the lungs. Take-a-Breather improves on the MDI by adding a collapsible spacer and dual-flow mouthpiece. The telescoping spacer keeps the MDI pocket-size. The mouthpiece allows users to breath naturally, like using a nebulizer. Zakieh Bigio ’10, Betsy Dain-Owens ’10, Catherine Emil ’10, Sarah Feldmann ’11, and Sarah Rocio ’10 developed Take-a-Breather for ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering. Their teaching assistant was Ashley Heist ’08 Th’09.

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