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I Want One of Those!

Night Runner

An L.E.D.-studded belt acts as both flashlight and reflector for safety in the dark. Abraham Clayman ’07, Daniel Harburg, Sanderson Hull ’09, Michal Jablonski ’09, and Alex Lippai ’09 won the Fall Term 2006 Phillip R. Jackson Award for outstanding performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering. The team’s teaching assistant was Deborah Sperling ’06 Th’07.

Night Runner
Night Runner. Photograph by Douglas Fraser.

Nordic Exchange

For developing strength in cross-country ski double poling, the Nordic Exchange leaves other trainers in the cold. Dual degree students Robert Courtney, David Drennan, Chris Klabes, and Christa Miller-Shelley, and Alix Toothman ’08 earned a Phillip R. Jackson Award honorable mention. Brian Hendrickson ’06 was their teaching assistant. You can see the Nordic Exchange in action on YouTube.

Nordic Exchange
Nordic Exchange. Photograph by Douglas Fraser.

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