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I Want One of Those: Pings for Positive Change

Intro to Engineering Project - Pings for Positive Change
Photograph by Kathryn Lapierre.

In an effort to affect social change on campus and beyond, a team of students invented Pings for Positive Change, a wearable device to gather data and track alerts relevant to sexual misconduct. A wi-fi chip calculates the wearer’s location based on surrounding routers and three levels of pings cover a range of situations. One press of the button logs the user’s location, sends a follow-up text asking to anonymously share situational details, and sends the user emergency medical and counseling resources. Two presses accomplishes those three steps and also sends a text to three of the user’s pre-determined friends, alerting them to the user’s situation and location. Three presses is an SOS sequence—indicating a crisis situation—that contacts campus security. Inventors Yefri Figueroa ’21, Mikaela O’Brien ’21, Logan Sankey ’20, Nolan Sankey ’21, and James Turner ’21 won the winter term Phillip R. Jackson Award for best overall performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering. Their teaching assistant was Zach Berzolla ’19.

—Kathryn LapierreĀ 

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