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I Want One of Those: IceTrax

The IceTrax team, left to right: George Cheng ’19, Allison Chuang ’19, and Jonathan Martin ’19.
Left to right, George Cheng, Allison Chuang, and Jonathan Martin. Photograph by Kathryn Lapierre.

Wintry sidewalks will be a lot easier for wheelchairs to navigate with IceTrax tire covers. The inexpensive PVC and nylon covers add grip to tires and are easy to use. Juan Castano ’19, George Cheng ’19, Allison Chuang ’19, Jonathan Martin ’19, and Zoe Yu ’19 won the Fall 2016 Philip R. Jackson Prize for outstanding performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering for their invention. They have filed for a provisional patent, developed a company website, and are seeking funding to continue development of their product. Their teaching assistant was Daisy Xu ’19.

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