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I Want One of Those: Hot Stuff

CAD images courtesy of Elisha Tam

Hot Stuff prototype

Ever wonder if you remembered to turn off the burner on your kitchen stove? With the Remote Access Cook-Top Notification System, a left-on stovetop will alert you via cell phone. You’ll even be able to shut the stove off by phone. The prototype is pictured above, the finished product below. Team members Catherine Gaito ’07, Marc Lajoie ’08, Prahbu Perumalsamy ’08, Kimberly Rocio ’08, and Elisha Tam ’07 won the Philip R. Jackson Award for the best project in ENGS 21 (“Introduction to Engineering”). Their T.A. was M.E.M. student Eleanor Alexander ’04, Th’05.

Hot Stuff finished product
Finished product

For more photos, visit our Student Projects set on Flickr.

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