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I Want One of Those: Hill Breaker

Hill Breaker
Photograph courtesy of Hill Breaker Team.

With the Hill Breaker there’s no need to fear longboarding down steep slopes. The Hill Breaker uses centrifugal force to automatically regulate speed. On each front wheel a pair of pivoting brake shoes rotates within a brake drum fixed to the axle. At low speeds the brake shoes are held retracted by springs. As speed increases and the centrifugal force of the brake shoes exceeds the spring force, the brake shoes pivot outwards against the brake drum, generating smooth resistance that increases with speed.

Hill Breaker team members Katherine Conway ’13, Ethan Dreissigacker ’13, Scott Lacy ’13, and Christopher Magoon ’13 won the Phillip R. Jackson Award for best performance in ENGS 21: “Introduction to Engineering.” Their teaching assistant was B.E. candidate Anastasia Miliano ’10.

ENGS 21 presentation video courtesy of student team.

For more photos, visit our Student Projects set of images on Flickr.

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