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I Want One of Those: Fog Be Gone

Fog Be Gone: ENGS 21 Project
Courtesy of Fog Be Gone group.

Safety glasses are a necessity on the construction site. They provide protection from impact, dust, and even chemical splash. But add in a bit of condensation and they become a nuisance. That’s why students created Fog Be Gone, electrically heated safety glasses that prevent fogging by adjusting its temperatures when the wearer walks in from a cold, dry atmosphere to a warmer, humid one. Inventors Emma Doherty ’21, Samantha Milne ’19, Yumi Naruke ’20, David Ringel ’19, and Kevin Kenneally ’18 Th’19 won the winter term Phillip R. Jackson Award for best overall performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering. Their teaching assistant was Alexa Lewis ’18 Th’19. 

—Kathryn Lapierre

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