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I Want One of Those!

Just Right

Coffee was always too hot or too cold — until now. The sealed interior of the Sip-by-Sip mug keeps beverages piping hot, while a valve releases liquid into the outer chamber one sip at a time. By the time it reaches your lips, it’s cooled to the perfect temperature.

Designed by Emilie Fetscher ’03, Th’04

Sip-by-Sip mug
Courtesy of Emilie Fetscher ’03, Th’04.

Grip and Slip

The Gliding Snowshoe combines traction for climbing with ski-like descents. A professional version features a rotating crampon and smooth underside, while a recreational model uses angled ridges to grip uphill or glide down.

Designed by Kelly Cameron ’04 and Brian Mason ’03 for Erik Brine Tu’04 and Eric Darnell of Lakota Investments, Etna, New Hampshire

Gliding Snowshoe
Photograph by Douglas Fraser.

For more photos, visit our Student Projects set on Flickr.

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