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I Want One of Those: The BivyPac

BivyPac Group
Left to right, William Romness ’18, Brett Seeley-Hacker ’18, Christopher Vale ’18, Trammell Saltzgaber ’18, and Andrew Werchniak ’18 display the BivyPac. Photograph by Kathryn Lapierre.

Backpackers, backcountry skiers, and alpine climbers take note: portable shelters just got trimmer. Part bivy sack and part backpack, the BivyPac weighs a feathery 16 ounces—half the heft of a normal bivy sack—yet holds as much gear as a standard backpack. The BivyPac’s inventors, William Romness ’18, Brett Seeley-Hacker ’18, Trammell Saltzgaber ’18, Christopher Vale ’18, and Andrew Werchniak ’18, have filed for patent protection. They also won the Phillip R. Jackson Prize for outstanding performance in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering. Their teaching assistant was Prajan Divakar ’16, who is now a PhD student at Thayer.

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