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I Want One of Those: All Wired Up

Combined clamp and wire-passing device
Image courtesy of All Wired Up team

If you were to suffer a bone fracture after a hip replacement, here’s something you’d want your orthopedic surgeon to use: a combined clamp and wire-passing device that makes it easier for a surgeon to encircle fractured bones with wire and cables without damaging surrounding soft tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. When designing and prototyping the device, Amy Couture ’14, Bianca Jackson ’15, Bridget Shaia ’15, and Freddy Yang ’14 consulted with Dr. Robert Cantu, an orthopedic surgeon at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and Dr. Michael Mayor, a Geisel School of Medicine professor and Thayer adjunct professor. The students won the Phillip R. Jackson Prize for outstanding performance in ENGS 21: “Introduction to Engineering.” Their teaching assistant was Ariana Sopher ’14.

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