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Quick Takes on Life at Thayer

Furey Heads to the Olympics

August 2012

On August 8, Sean Furey '04, Th'05, '06 will compete in the Men's Javelin Throw for an Olympic medal. Furey found a few minutes before heading to London to talk to us about attending Thayer, preparing for the games, and the benefits of being an engineer and an athlete.

New Fab Machines

July 2012

The Machine Shop is being reconfigured to aggregate new work spaces to completely remodel the shop by August 1. This will free up staff to keep an eye on up to 55 students from every vantage point in the Machine Shop at a given time. About $700,000 in new mills, lathes, and digital and other equipment will replace machinery that in some cases date back to World War II era.

An Innovative Solution

June 2012

In ENGS 21, Alison Stace-Naughton '11 Th'13 built a prototype of a vacuum suction tissue stabilizing device that prevents tissue damage during endoscopic surgery. The young entrepreneur is now on her way to raising $400,000 to build a medical-grade prototype and on June 21 she expects to take home a patent.

Yeti Roves the Ice Sheet

May 2012

Dartmouth engineering Ph.D. candidate Rebecca Williams and a small team of mountaineers set out to find massive crevasses hidden by ice sheets that, if broken, could within seconds swallow them and others traveling regularly between Thule Air Base and the Greenland Environmental Observatory.

A Thinking Cap

April 2012

This cutting edge cap, created by Assistant Professor Solomon Diamond, measures the relationship between neural and blood activity in the brain to predict a patient's risk of a recurrent stroke. This brand new study is part of a larger plan for the working prototype, involving a licensing agreement with a Montreal-based manufacturer that could help change the way we assess human brain function.

A Wall of Pride

February 2012

The words, "Thayer School of Engineering Inventions," stretch down Cummings Hall over a timeline of innovation erected over the summer to inspire students like Alison Stace-Naughton '13 who has a provisional patent for a suction device that stabilizes tissue during endoscopic surgery.

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