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Cracking the Immune System Code

Winter 2016

As she tries to assess immune responses to HIV vaccines, Professor Margaret Ackerman is working toward a grand unified theory of antibody activity.

Our Place

Spring 2015

Nearly half of Dartmouth engineering majors are women. Here's why.

The Inventor's Eye

Spring 2015

How Professor Eric Fossum invented the digital camera-on-a-chip—and is helping today’s students create their own technological innovations.

Undergrads in the Lab

Spring 2015

From ice core collection to infectious disease detection, even freshmen work in Thayer research labs.

Hacking the Hackers

Fall 2014

Deciphering patterns in digital behaviors, Professor George Cybenko separates the good from the bad.

Mastering Engineering Management

Fall 2014

At 25, Thayer’s award-winning MEM program comes of age.

Tray Bien

Fall 2014

An enterprising student team brings an introductory class project to market.

Growth Factors

Spring 2014

With engineering on the rise at Dartmouth, Dean Joseph J. Helble outlines opportunities for an expanded Thayer community.

Room to Operate

Spring 2014

Dartmouth’s new Center for Surgical Innovation makes space for research in clinical care.

Schools of Thought

Spring 2014

Dual-degree students call two institutions home.

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