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Humanitarian Engineering

Summer 2011

Working overseas, students encounter the technological and human sides of meeting people’s needs.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Winter 2011

A professorial pick of outstanding ENGS 21 projects

Club Scene

Summer 2010

When students just can’t get enough engineering, a variety of clubs keeps them busy.

Engineering by Design

Winter 2010

Professor Peter Robbie ’69 adds art to the science of meeting human needs.

Doctor in the Class

Summer 2009

Plastic surgeon Joseph Rosen wants to fix health care. Teaching engineering students is part of his plan.

Guardian of Natural Resources

Winter 2009

For Professor Daniel R. Lynch, resources and human rights are inseparable.

Answers to the Growing Fuel Debate

Summer 2008

Biofuels don’t have to compete with food.


Winter 2008

Solomon Diamond ’97 Th’98 engineers a novel approach to how the brain works.

Overseas In Hanover

Spring/Summer 2007

For international students Thayer School is a foreign adventure.

Start Your Hybrid Engines

Spring 2006

Thayer School drives a new competition.

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