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Looking to the Future

Spring 2017

The beginning of Thayer School’s next 150 years can be summed up in one word: expansion.

The TA Experience

Summer 2016

At many institutions being a teaching assistant is considered the drudge work of grad students. Not so at Thayer, where students—undergraduate as well as graduate—eagerly commit at least 12 hours a week to TA duties in a variety of classes. In the following, seven TAs tell us what they put into the job—and what they get out of it.

Cracking the Immune System Code

Winter 2016

As she tries to assess immune responses to HIV vaccines, Professor Margaret Ackerman is working toward a grand unified theory of antibody activity.

The Inventor's Eye

Spring 2015

How Professor Eric Fossum invented the digital camera-on-a-chip—and is helping today’s students create their own technological innovations.

Mastering Engineering Management

Fall 2014

At 25, Thayer’s award-winning MEM program comes of age.

Room to Operate

Spring 2014

Dartmouth’s new Center for Surgical Innovation makes space for research in clinical care.

The Business Case for Sustainability

Fall 2013

Engineer, lawyer, and activist Chris Davis ’76 explains why it pays to go green.

The Space Weathermen

Winter 2013

Space weather researchers William Lotko and Simon Shepherd want to help protect the technological world from solar storms.

Education for the Technology Ecosystem

Summer 2012

The nation wants more engineers. Dean Joseph J. Helble says we need a different kind of engineer.

Good Sports

Winter 2012

Judy Geer ’75 Th’83 and her family combine national-level athletic training with sustainable living practices.

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