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I'm an Engineer and a Drummer

I'm an Engineer and a Drummer
Image courtesy Moises Silva.

“I grew up in a Christian family and when we went to church, I would always pay attention to the drummer. My freshman year in high school I got the chance to sit in front of a drum kit for the first time and soon became the church drummer. When I got to college, I joined the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble, and that’s where I really developed my abilities. I think engineering and drumming are similar in that they both require creativity and improvisation. I take it as a partnership. I have math and science courses that are logical and have direct paths to solutions, versus music, which is more abstract and more artistic. Having the ability to develop those two sides of my personality works hand in hand.

They work together to make me a better person.”

—Moises Silva ’16 Th’16

Watch Silva and other students in Thayer's "I'm an Engineer and..." video series at youtube.com/thayerschool.

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