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ABET Innovation Award

The Formula Hybrid Competition has been awarded one of the most coveted prizes in engineering education: the ABET Innovation Award. 

Dartmouth Formula Racing
Dartmouth Formula Racing. 

Launched by Thayer School in 2007, the annual Formula Hybrid Competition challenges teams of undergraduate and graduate engineering students from around the world to design and build fuel-efficient hybrid or electric-only vehicles. The competition facilitates collaboration across disciplines, with teams comprised of computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering students. 

Formula Hybrid was selected “because of its broad and sustained impact in innovative energy-efficient design experiences that enhance the 21st-century skills of students in ABET-accredited programs,” says Steven Cramer, chair of the ABET Innovation Award Subcommittee and vice provost for teaching and learning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We’re thrilled that Formula Hybrid has been recognized for its inventive and effective approach to educating students beyond the classroom,” says Douglas Fraser, senior research engineer at Thayer and founding director of Formula Hybrid, who accepted the award at the ABET gala in November. “We are also thrilled that so many students commit so much time to the competition, because it means they’re engaged and learning skills they’ll use for a lifetime.” 

For many students, Formula Hybrid is their first experience collaborating across disciplines, from computer science to mechanical and electrical engineering. As a result of the competition, a number of institutions have developed Formula-Hybrid specific curricula to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration. The competition is part of the Society of Automotive Engineers Collegiate Design Series and is regarded as one of its most complex and dynamic.

—Callaway Zuccarello

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