Key Policy

  1. A valid Dartmouth ID is required to obtain any key.
  2. All Students must have an authorization sent via e-mail, from their adviser to obtain a key to any lab space.
  3. Undergraduates are required to leave a $25 cash deposit for each key.
  4. Graduate students are not required to leave a deposit for keys but must have adviser authorization.
  5. Any lost key is subject to a $25 cash charge(This includes student, faculty, or staff member.)
  6. Checks, debit cards, credit cards, or DASH accounts are not acceptable forms of payment.
  7. Key card access is controlled by Gary Durkee. You must contact Gary to have your name added to the authorized user list of each room.
  8. Key card controlled doors are not to be defeated in any way. This includes propping or blocking the door open.
  9. Student use of secured rooms is a privilege and covered by the Student Code of Conduct. If a student can not abide by these rules, the privilege will be revoked.

Equipment Policy

  1. A valid Dartmouth ID is required to check out any item from the Instrument Room.
  2. If you check out an item, YOU are responsible for the item, not your instructor, lab partner, or room mate.
  3. Scheduled labs and classes have first priority over all other requests.
  4. Undergraduate student request have priority over graduate student requests.
  5. Research labs are not supported by the Instrument Room equipment loan program.  Research labs are expected to purchase their own equipment.
  6. You are required to store checked out equipment in an approved secure location, such as M003 Advanced Project Lab, M030 Large Frame Lab, or in a Couch Lab cubicle.
  7. When an item is recalled, you are obligated to return the item to the Instrument Room immediately.
  8. Different items have different standard check out periods.  You are responsible for returning items when due.
  9. If an item is damaged while in your possession, please notify the Instrument Room as soon as possible so that a repair or replacement can be arranged.

UPS/Freight Policy

  1. When having items shipped to you at Thayer, please address the mailing label as follows: Your Name, 14 Engineering Drive Hanover, NH 03755
  2. All package deliveries will be received by the Instrument Room. (This includes UPS, FedEx, DHL and all freight.)
  3. All US Mail will be received by the Thayer Receptionist.
  4. Thayer School and its agents will not be held responsible for any personal packages or contents of packages shipped to, or received by Thayer School.  
  5. Thayer School and its agents will not be held responsible for any shipping charges, damages, or any other liabilities associated with any packages or freight received.
  6. Instrument Room staff will attempt to deliver staff and faculty packages to the office of record for said staff or faculty.  Occasionally staff or faculty packages may be kept at the Instrument Room for pick-up. 
  7. Student packages will be held in the Instrument Room for pick-up.
  8. A Dartmouth issued ID will be required for ALL packages picked-up from the Instrument Room.  Packages will only be released to the person whose name appears on the shipping label unless prior arrangements have been made.
  9. If you are unable to pick up your package, you may authorize another person to do so by sending an e-mail to the Instrument Room from your Dartmouth e-mail account.
  10. For any package received, and not delivered by the Instrument Room staff, an e-mail will be sent to the Dartmouth e-mail address on record for the intended recipient.
  11. Packages not claimed within three weeks of received date will be returned to sender at the intended recipient’s expense.
  12. Packages addressed to students, faculty or staff engaged in “for profit” activities will be refused and returned to sender.  Repeat offenders will be subject to disciplinary action.
  13. Packages may be picked up from the Thayer Instrument Room between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. 
  14. If you are expecting a freight shipment, please let the Instrument Room know what you are expecting and when, as soon as you know.  This allows us to plan accordingly.

Bicycle Policy

  • Bicyclists must obey all rules of the road which apply to motor vehicles including keeping to the right and observing all traffic control signs, one-way street, etc.
  • This requirement is a State law and will be enforced by citations and summonses to Court for violations.
  • Bicyclists are urged to contact the Hanover Police Department for more information.


  • All bicycles owned by students, faculty and staff and used on campus must be registered with the Department of Safety and Security.
  • Registration is required to store in overnight controlled storage, may assist in recovery of stolen bikes, will enable the bicycle owner to be contacted and will provide proof of ownership in the event of seizure.
  • You may register your bike at the Safety and Security office on the second floor of 5 Rope Ferry road open 24 hours a day. 
  • Registration is also available at the Collis Center Info Desk during their regular hours.

Permitted Parking and Storage

  • During the day, Dartmouth community members may park their bikes at any of the bike racks located around campus.
  • At night, bikes may be left at these outside racks or in one of the indoor areas designated for bike storage in residence halls and clusters.
  • When owners leave campus at the end of a term, they must seek long-term bike storage.

Unauthorized Parking

  • Bikes may not be parked in hallways, entryways, access ramps, stairways, other accesses, or sites that have signs prohibiting bike parking.
  • Bikes parked illegally may be confiscated immediately and fines may be assessed.
  • Seized unregistered bikes will immediately become College property.
  • If registered, the owner will be notified for reclamation.
  • Individuals may be charged for removal and storage if they are unable to reclaim their bike.
  • If the bike is not claimed for 4 weeks, it will become College property.
  • The College will not replace cut locks.

Abandoned Bikes

  • Abandoned bikes are defined as bikes that have been parked legally on campus in one place for an extended period of time.
  • Bikes that appear to be abandoned will be tagged and, if unmoved for two weeks, will be impounded by the College.
  • This is true even if the owner is away from the College for the term.
  • Unregistered bikes will immediately become College property.
  • The owners of registered bikes will be notified for reclamation.
  • Individuals may be charged for removal and storage if they are unable to reclaim their bike.
  • If the bike is not claimed for 5 weeks after the owner is contacted, it will become College Property.
  • The College will not replace cut locks.

To Reclaim a Confiscated Bike

  • If you believe that your bike was confiscated while parked at or near Thayer School (Cummings Hall or MacLean ESC), please contact Thayer School Instrument Room (M025).
  • Instument Room Hours are M-F 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Before bikes are released, you must provide proof of ownership and/or a campus registration. 
  • Non registered bikes will NOT be released until they are registered.  This means you must first register the bike before it will be released to you.