Online MEng: Materials Science and Engineering

Complete Dartmouth's Master's of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering (MEng: MSE) remotely by joining live, real-time sessions with faculty and your in-person peers. Materials scientists and engineers work to better understand and create advanced materials with unprecedented functional properties that have applications in a wide range of fields including energy and healthcare technologies.

Course Requirements

Students choose nine courses from the following list with the additional option to pursue an independent or group study in engineering sciences. Courses will be live-streamed in Eastern Time via Zoom. Note that days and times of course offerings are subject to change.

Some classes may have an additional period each week, called the X-hour, that meets on a different day and time than the regularly scheduled class for a 50-minute period. Information about X-hour components will be available closer to the term.

ENGS 130: Mechanical Behavior of Materials Fall M/W/F 10:10a-11:15a
ENGS 131: Science of Solid State Materials Fall M/W/F 2:10p-3:10p
ENGS 136: Electrochemical Energy MaterialsFallTu/Th4:30p-6:20p
ENGS 137: Molecular and Materials Design using Density Functional TheoryFallM/W/F11:30a-12:35p
ENGS 132: Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Condensed PhasesWinterM/W/F10:10a-11:15a
ENGS 134: NanotechnologyWinterTu/Th10:10a-12p
ENGG 122 : Advanced Topics in Semiconductor DevicesWinterTu/ThTBD
ENGG 138: Corrosion and Degradation of MaterialsSpringTu/Th3:30p-5:20p
ENGS 165: BiomaterialsSpringTu/Th8:30a-10:00a
ENGS 156: Heat, Mass, and Momentum TransferSpringTu/Th10:10a-12:00p
ENGG 192: Independent or Group Study in Engineering SciencesCan be taken any term* Time Arranged with Faculty

*Students may enroll in ENGG 192 only once.

Online Option FAQs

  • Can students enroll in this option part-time?

    Whether online or in-person, students can pursue the degree full-time in nine months (three courses per term) or part-time (one or two courses per term).

  • Can international students take the online option?

    International students living abroad may enroll and complete the program remotely from their home country and would not be sponsored on a work visa. However, all courses are offered in Eastern Time and students will be expected to participate live at the times the courses are scheduled. With sponsorship regulations, international students currently in the U.S. would need to pursue the in-person option.

  • Do students apply specifically to the online or in-person option?

    In their graduate program application, students will be prompted to apply to either the online or in-person option as their anticipated delivery mode for the duration of the program.

  • Are all courses offered live?

    Yes. All courses are live-streamed in Eastern Time via Zoom. Remote students will be expected to log in and participate at the times the courses are scheduled.

  • What does a sample schedule look like?

    Sample schedules are available for each term to help students plan their pathway through the program.