Endowment Giving

Investing in Thayer’s future

A gift to Thayer School’s endowment is an enduring investment in the academic mission of the school to prepare engineers for “the most responsible positions and most difficult service.” Endowment funding priorities include professorships, student financial aid, and support for the student experience.

Consider investing in Thayer’s future through a gift to the endowment. Contact us to discuss establishing your own endowed fund at Thayer School.


Recruiting innovators and rewarding inspiration

A cutting-edge engineering education requires innovative and dynamic faculty who are both outstanding scholars and extraordinary teachers. The honor of holding an endowed professorship helps Thayer School recruit and retain the best faculty.

Financial Aid

Changing lives and building the future

Endowed engineering fellowships ensure that every qualified student has access to support for the B.E. year and beyond.

Student Experience

Encouraging innovation through project-based learning

Project-based learning—which gives students valuable experience in problem solving, teamwork, and creativity—requires space, supplies, equipment, and intensive faculty and technical support.