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Disability Information

Students with disabilities at Thayer School have met the same rigorous standards of admission that all Dartmouth graduate students have met. Their college records, GRE scores, and potential for intellectual growth have recommended them. Once admitted to Thayer School, the student with disabilities, after registering for services (see Dartmouth's Student Accessibility Services Web site), is entitled to certain "reasonable accommodations" from the School.

Thayer School is committed to providing support for all students so that they may achieve their academic potential. Thayer School encourages individuals with disabilities to apply for admission with the expectation that the School will provide reasonable access to all programs. Students with disabilities seeking admission to Thayer School need not reveal any physical or perceptual disability during the application process, although students are free to do so.

For information about disabilities and the resources available to students with disabilities at Dartmouth, see Dartmouth's Student Accessibility Services Web site, or contact Holly Wilkinson in MacLean 105 (646-3483,