DSE Student Chapter

Every engineering student is automatically a member of the student chapter of the Dartmouth Society of Engineers (DSE). The Student Chapter serves as a forum for matters pertaining to the welfare of engineering students at Dartmouth, as well as a liaison between the engineering student body and the DSE Parent Chapter, Thayer School faculty and staff, and Dartmouth College.

The Student Chapter also serves as a coordinating organization for social events and philanthropic initiatives. These include the weekly Friday Beers activity, the annual Steak and Champagne dinner, the Visions After School Science Program and Summer Camp, and the annual Thayer Ski and Snowboard Day. The DSE Student Chapter hosts the annual Formula Hybrid barbeque, and organizes a yearly Celebrating Thayer event, inviting students, faculty, staff, and alumni to sit down together for dinner and listen to a speaker. In addition, the DSE organizes a Graduation Reception that is open to students, faculty, staff, and the families of graduating students.

DSE at the Solar Sprint
DSE volunteers at the Junior Solar Sprint race. See more photos.

The DSE Student Chapter also works with other Thayer organizations to plan and organize additional activities to enrich the lives of Thayer students.

2014–2015 Student Chapter Executive Committee