The Economics, Technology, and Delivery of Healthcare Today: Perspectives from Dartmouth Thinkers in the Field

Friday, June 14, 2013, 9:00–11:35am

Oopik Auditorium, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center

medicine bottle

Dartmouth experts in medicine, business, and engineering present their knowledge and opinions on the complexities of healthcare:

Free and open to the public; audience members may attend individual sessions or entire program.


About the Speaker

Elliott Fisher Dr. Fisher's research focuses on the causes, consequences and implications of variations in health system performance. His current work focuses on advancing the use of patient-reported measures as tools for improvement and accountability, and the development, pilot testing and evaluation of new models of health care delivery and payment.

Robert Shumsky Professor Shumsky has research and teaching interests in operations management and decision science. He has studied state and federal transportation operations, and his current research focuses on the interactions among quality, flexibility and efficiency in service systems, including those of health-care providers.

Solomon Diamond Professor Diamond is an expert and teacher in the field of neuroengineering—technologies for interfacing with the human brain. His current research focuses on biomedical imaging, functional neuroimaging, and physiological modeling with applications for brain health monitoring and the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and neural rehabilitation.

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