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Jones Seminar: How do we get there from here? The Challenge and Potential for Low-Carbon Electric Power Systems

C. Lindsay Anderson, Marble Faculty Director for Energy & Professor of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell

Friday, November 1, 2019, 3:30–4:30pm

Rm 100 (Spanos Auditorium), Cummings Hall

As the world seeks to limit the extent and impact of climate change it is clear that, first and foremost, our energy system must become more sustainable. Increasing electrification of transportation and the built environment puts additional pressure on the electric power system to provide more, while polluting less. Recent proclamations at the city, regional, and state levels have set targets for “100% clean energy” on relatively short timelines, through a focus on renewable energy resources. Renewable energy is key to this transition, but systems dominated by these largely variable and unpredictable resources are rife with new operational challenges. This talk will discuss the potential of demand side flexibility, and the benefits of coordination of transmission and distribution, in supporting a smart and sustainable energy system.

About the Speaker

C. Lindsay Anderson is the Kathy Dwyer Marble and Curt Marble Faculty Director for Energy with the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability, and an associate professor at Cornell University in Biological and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Systems Engineering. Professor Anderson’s overarching goal is to accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy future though the effective integration of renewables, leveraging of distributed and demand side resources. Anderson’ s approach to this problem is through coordination of supply-side and demand-side resources in frameworks for optimization under uncertainty.

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