Science Pub at Salt hill: Tomorrow’s Energy: Challenges and Choices

Thursday, February 20, 2014, 5:30-7:30pm

Salt hill Pub, 2 W. Park St., Lebanon, NH

Civilization continually adapts to changes in the environment, resources and technology. Historically we have transitioned from hunter-gatherer to agricultural to industrial societies that are no longer sustainable. We now face an unprecedented rate of change challenging us to move to a sustainable industrial society. Energy is at the core of the challenge. Experts are working on global, regional, and local scales to address our energy issues but each success has unintended consequences, both positive and negative. What must we consider as global citizens facing these challenges? What are the regional issues we face in New England as we look at alternatives such as wind and biofuels? What are municipalities and citizens groups in the Upper Valley doing to implement renewable and low cost energy solutions locally? This is your turn to ask!

Discussion Leaders: Lee Rybeck Lynd, Professor of Environmental Engineering Design and Adjunct Professor of Biology, Dartmouth; Karen Liot Hill, City Counselor, Energy Committee Member, City of Lebanon; Jim O'Brien, Director of Government Relations, NH Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

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