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3:30pm - 4:30pm ET

Spanos Auditorium/Online

"Materials by Design—3D Nano-Architected Meta-Materials"

The focus of this talk is on additive manufacturing via vat polymerization and function-containing chemical synthesis to create 3D nano- and micro-architected metals, ceramics, multifunctional metal oxides (nano-photonics, photocatalytic, piezoelectric, etc.), and metal-containing polymer complexes, etc., as well as demonstrate their potential in some real-use biomedical, protective, and sensing applications. I will describe how the choice of architecture, material, and external stimulus can elicit stimulus-responsive, reconfigurable, and multifunctional response.

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About the Speaker(s)

Julia Greer
Ruben and Donna Mettler Professor of Materials Science, Mechanics, and Medical Engineering, Caltech

Julia Greer

Julia Greer obtained her SB in chemical engineering with a minor in advanced music performance from MIT and a PhD in materials science from Stanford. Before joining Caltech in 2007, she worked at Intel and was a post-doc at PARC. She is currently Caltech's Ruben F. and Donna Mettler Professor of Materials Science, Mechanics, and Medical Engineering. Greer has more than 170 publications, has an h-index of 67, and has delivered over 100 invited lectures. She received the inaugural AAAFM-Heeger Award and was named a Vannevar-Bush Faculty Fellow by the US Department of Defense and a 20/20 Visionary by CNN. She has received multiple career awards and is an active member of the scientific community through professional societies (MRS, SES, TMS). Greer is the Director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at Caltech and serves as an associate editor for Nano Letters and Science Advances. She is also a concert pianist who performs solo recitals and in chamber groups.


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