Jones Seminar: Mars Ate My Spacecraft

Jack Ganssle, Author, The Ganssle Group

Friday, October 19, 2018, 3:30–4:30pm

Rm. 100 (Spanos Auditorium), Cummings Hall

Civil engineers have learned how to avoid failure from their rich history of bridge collapses, tunnel floodings, and building disintegrations. The firmware world is quite different; it seems we all make the same mistakes, repeatedly. Yet most problems have similar root causes. We’ll examine a number of embedded disasters, large and small, and extract lessons we must learn to improve our code.

About the Speaker

Jack Ganssle has written over 1000 articles and six books about embedded systems, as well as a book about his sailing fiascos. He started developing embedded systems in the early 1970s. He’s started and sold three electronics companies. He’s developed or managed over 100 embedded products, from deep-sea navigation gear to the White House security system… and one instrument that analyzed cow poop! He now lectures and consults about the industry, and works as an expert witness in embedded litigation cases.

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