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The Robert Fletcher Award

Robert Fletcher
Robert Fletcher

The annual Robert Fletcher Award recognizes distinguished achievement and service in the highest tradition of the School. The award is named in honor of Robert Fletcher, who was appointed by founder Sylvanus Thayer as the School’s first dean and professor of engineering (1871–1918). Robert Fletcher is considered the father of Thayer School.

The Dean of Thayer School chooses each year’s award recipient in consultation with the faculty and Dartmouth Society of Engineers. The recipient delivers a speech to Thayer’s graduating class at Investiture.


Dean Laura Ray presents the 2015 Robert Fletcher Award to France Cordova
Interim Dean Laura Ray presents the 2019 Robert Fletcher Award to France Córdova. (Photo by Mark Washburn)

2019   France Córdova
2018   Joe Palca
2017   Frances Arnold
2016   Arati Prabhakar
2015   Steven Chu
2014   David Kelley
2013   Subra Suresh
2012   Bob Metcalfe
2011   Charles M. Vest
2010   Robert S. Langer
2009   James J. Duderstadt
2008   Richard W. Couch Jr. ’64 Th’65
2007   John Holdren
2006   Nicholas M. Donofrio
2005   Thomas J. O’Neill ’73
2004   Rita R. Colwell
2003   Peter M. Fahey ’68 Th’69 ’70
2002   Jeffrey R. Immelt ’78
2001   William E. Scollard ’47 Th’48
2000   Brent Frei ’88 Th’89
1999   John W. Strohbehn ’43A
1998   John W. Ballard II ’55 TT’56
1997   Charles E. Hutchinson ’68A
1996   Millett G. Morgan
1995   Myron Tribus ’42A
1994   William W. Boddie Jr. ’67 Th’69
1993   Frank P. Strong Jr. ’56 TT’57
1992   John H. Krehbiel Sr.
1991   Paul E. Queneau
1990   Kisuk Cheung ’53 Th’54
1989   Barry L. MacLean ’60 Th’61
1988   Peter R. Brown ’49 Th’49
1987   S. Russell Stearns ’37 Th’38
1986   Frederick J. Hooven (posthumous)
1985   Carl F. Long ’71H
1984   William H. Davidow ’57 Th’58
1983   Samuel C. Florman ’46 Th’46
1982   Marian Miner Cook ’29W
1980   Henry J. McCarthy ’31
1979   Ralph E. Crump ’66A
1978   Peter Kiewit ’22
1977   James H. Wakelin Jr. ’32
1976   Gordon S. Brown ’64H