Healthcare Venture Capital in a State of Flux

Michael Ross, SV Life Sciences

Friday, October 29, 2010, 3:30pm

This seminar is part of the Jones Seminars on Science, Technology, and Society series

Venture Capital has historically funded the early development of most of the biotech industry as we know it today. As such it has been an agent of change. Venture capital today finds itself having to adapt to external changes. The public markets have played a major role in raising the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to do manufacturing, the late stage clinical development and the commercialization needed to build a sustainable great company. These public markets have become increasingly inaccessible for pre-commercial companies and this fact is having a major impact on the biotech landscape. With this background of flux, the appetite for innovation in the Pharma industry is greater than ever and fascinating new technologies are being commercialized with venture dollars. SV Life Sciences has recently invested in early rounds of several companies which could, if successful, change how we discover, manufacture and deliver pharmaceuticals.

About the Speaker

Mike Ross is a general partner at SV Life Sciences, an international venture capital fund focused exclusively in the life sciences. Mike is the US partner leading the therapeutics team. Prior to joining SV Life Sciences, Michael was the tenth employee at Genentech where he worked for 13 years. He served as Genentech team leader for Humulin® (human insulin-Lilly), Roferon® (Interferon alpha -Roche), Protropin® (hGH), and as Vice President of Development during the development of Activase®, Nutropin® and Pulmozyme®. Michael then started Genentech's protein engineering and small molecule discovery effort as Vice President of Medicinal and Biomolecular Chemistry. Michael was the Founding CEO of Arris Pharmaceutical (now part of Celera), MetaXen (now part of Exelixis), ExSAR and CyThera (now part of Novocell). Michael was most recently Managing Partner in Didyma, LLC, a biotechnology management consulting firm. Michael received his AB from Dartmouth '71, his Ph.D. in Chemistry at Caltech, and completed a Post Doctorate in Molecular Biology at Harvard. Mike has served as a Thayer School Board member since 1992.