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ENGS 21 Prototype Demonstrations



10:10am - 12:00pm ET

GlycoFi Atrium, MacLean ESC

Join students in ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering as they demonstrate their final project prototypes with the theme: "Innovating to promote personal and planetary health."

Check out the projects, vote for your favorites, and enjoy some breakfast goodies! (Voting sheets will be available near the Reception Desk.)

Intro to Engineering Demonstrations

Spring 2022 Projects

  • Team 1: Water Filter Assessment — To help hikers test if their filter is broken, this attachment to a Saywer Squeeze water filter uses flow rates to determine if the filter's pores are the appropriate size to restrict the flow of bacteria and viruses.
  • Team 2: Pill-O-Matic — A device that allows patients with fine motor control impairments (Parkinson's/arthritis) to easily and effectively organize their medications.
  • Team 3: Calming Cap — A cap to reduce the auditory and visual stimuli that surrounds patients in their hospital setting to help them sleep, decrease stress, and improve their overall well-being.
  • Team 4: Keystone Kruncher — A novel can crusher for use in Greek spaces to divert and recycle aluminum cans.
  • Team 5: UVelona — A novel method to disinfect needles and syringes to help reduce harm for the intravenous drug-using community.
  • Team 6: The Swagon — A scooter and wagon hybrid that can interchangeably switch between the two, providing both a form of transportation and a means to transport goods.
  • Team 7: CoCo (Concussion Companion) — A glasses attachment that alerts users if their environment contains overstimulating light or sound that may trigger post-concussion symptoms.
  • Team 8: Spoiler Alert — A tomato spoilage detector that alerts a user when tomatoes are at different stages of spoilage through LED lights and an app interface.
  • Team 9: NRGflo — Portable water turbine providing energy to white water rafters to charge safety devices.
  • Team 10: CupCycle — An effective and efficient smoothie cup washer that reduces recycling contamination.
  • Team 11: Better Beverage Cooler — A device to eliminate avenues for large-scale date rape druggings, inform drinkers of the alcohol content they're consuming, and enable party-goers to check their individual drinks.
  • Team 12: Slate — A highly portable, folding lap desk that provides a stable outdoor workspace.


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