ENGS 21 Intro to Engineering Prototype Demonstrations

Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 10:00am

GlycoFi Atrium, MacLean ESC

Engineering to Improve the Quality of Life

Each Intro to Engineering project group was responsible for selecting a problem to "Improve the Quality of Life," determining the magnitude of the problem, determining the specifications associated with a satisfactory solution, generating a set of potential alternative approaches, and selecting an approach. They were then expected to develop a prototype, test the prototype, develop a venture proposal, and present the prototype and venture proposal to the Review Board. 

Fall 2017 Projects Include: 

Come see what they built and bring your questions!

Check out the winner of last term's Phillip R. Jackson Award:

For more information, contact Haley Tucker at 603-646-9151 or haley.tucker@dartmouth.edu.