ENGS 21 Final Student Project Presentations

Wednesday, May 29, 2013, 8:00am–5:00pm

Spanos Auditorium

You are cordially invited to attend ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering final presentations. Light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome!

"Water-Saving Technology" Projects

Hydraulic Ram for Filtration of Surface Water in the Global South
Time: 8:00–8:30am
Students: Morgan Curtis, Jeffrey Yates, Enrique Flamini, Lorenzo Carlisle

Portable Hydro-Generator
Time: 8:30–9:00am
Students: Mary O'Connell, Haley Piske, Evan Landau, Silas Talbot

Soil Irrigation Through Capillary Action of Water in Ropes
Time: 9:00–9:30am
Students: Lillian Huang, Carly Christian, Anka Tezcan, Thomas Ryan

More Efficient Water Transfer at Drinking Fountains
Time: 9:30–10:00am
Students: Danielle Midulla, Daniel Gorman, Andrew Hoh, Ryan Strain

Morning Break
Time: 10:00-10:30am

Self-Cooling Water Bottle
Time: 10:30–11:00am
Students: Saaid Arshad, Kwame Ohene-Adu, Joseph Styer, Benjamin Nollet

Pedal-Powered Pumping and Filtering System
Time: 11:00–11:30am
Students: Ha Thanh Nguyen, George Wanjiru, John Guerci, Nathan Lehrer

Easy-to-Clean, Easy-to-Carry Water Bottle
Time: 11:30am–12:00pm
Students: Latika Sridhar, Rachel Margolese, Daniel Shanker, Jonathan Preddy

Lunch Break
Time: 12:00–1:00pm

Automatic Dual Flush Toilet
Time: 1:00–1:30pm
Students: David Berg, Peter Lobel, Juhi Kalra, Victor Williams

Walk and Roll
Time: 1:30–2:00pm
Students: Autumn Chuang, Anna Miller, Justin Call

Saving Water Through Shaving
Time: 2:00–2:30pm
Students: Akiko Okuda, Molly Shapiro, Vernon Harris, Jose Martinez

Utilizing Seesaw Movement for Water Filtration
Time: 2:30–3:00pm
Students: Zan Song, Kathryn Waychoff, Hassan Kiani, Tucker Oddleifson

Afternoon Break
Time: 3:00–3:30pm

Conserving Water During Dishwashing
Time: 3:30–4:00pm
Students: Janice Yip, Mon Yuck Yu, Joseph Chapin, James Palano

The EcoBrella
Time: 4:00–4:30pm
Students: Emily Adams, Catherine Berghuis, Danny Katz, Matthew Krantz

Optimizing the Water Use of Thayer School’s Deionization System
Time: 4:30–5:00pm
Students: Stephanie Emenyonu, Audrey Landis, Moises Silva, Daniel Whitcomb