ENGS 21 Final Project Presentations

Friday, March 8, 2013, 10:00am - 4:40pm

Alperin Conference Room, Murdough

Final student project presentations and demonstrations in the area of Engineering in Safety and Learning

Super Mirror Bros

Time: 10:00-10:30 am
Students: Jacob McEntire, Allison Brouckman, Charles Cai, Philip Larie

This project aims to develop a split mirror system set over backup cameras. This system will extend the viewing angle out the rear of the vehicle to nearly 190°, thus eliminating blind spots to the sides of the car when backing out of blind driveways or tight parking spots.

Team IceBot

Time: 10:35-11:05am
Students: Julia Zaskorski, Mackenzie Murphy, Sophia DiPaolo, Hunter van Adelsberg

Current everyday techniques to measure ice thickness require that the user be present on the ice at the site of measurement before the safety of the ice can be confirmed. This device is a remote-controllable and mechanical ice measuring drill platform assembly mounted on a reinforced chassis.

It's Getting Hot in Here

Time: 11:10-11:40am
Students: Collin Heffernan, Erica Normandin, Tyler Stout

This project aims to implement a device for firefighters that monitors the surrounding air temperature, which can forewarn users of dangerous conditions.

Strap Savers

Time: 11:45-12:15pm
Students: Eric Hemphill, Julien Blanchet, Kara Mui, Liliana Ma

This project aims to reduce the rate of backpack injuries caused by improper load distribution. The device consists of two pressure sensing cuffs that fit around a backpack's shoulder straps and provide LED feedback on load distribution via an Arduino microcontroller.

Team 11

Time: 12:20-12:50pm
Students: Justin Murray, Lola Ojabowale, Jeremy Baskin, Victor Lekweuwa

The aim of this project is to create a short-mid range tracking device for parents of young children to use in indoor public places such as malls, department stores, and grocery stores. Specifically, our device improves on the multi-path problem that other short-mid range indoor tracking devices experience.

The Ski-Right Technologies

Time: 1:15-1:45pm
Students: Zian Al-Shamsie, Gunnar Pope, Allison Beck, Evan Gelfand

The aim of this project is to help skiers of all abilities improve performance with a device to alert them in real time of their incorrect position, thus enabling them to self-correct without the help of other individuals.

Thayer's Players

Time: 1:50-2:20pm
Students: Lidia Valdes, Thomas Wilson, Ying-Qi Wong, Jonathan Moran

This project aims to address the high rates of hip fractures among elderly women in residential care facilities by designing an on-the-body padding device to reduce the impact of falls, and thus, the risk of fracture while keeping with the user's aesthetic and comfort requirements.

SLC Incorporated

Time: 2:25-2:55pm
Students: Scott Hansen, John Stanley, Brooke Van Valkenburg, Devon Cormack

The misuse and abuse of prescription drugs is on the rise, and there is no container that is secure enough to deter theft but also cheap enough to be dispensed with prescriptions. Our product addresses this issue by being secure enough to deter theft of medication yet cheap enough that it can replace the current standard pill bottle at pharmacies.

All Wired Up

Time: 3:00-3:30pm
Students: Bridget Shaia, Bianca Jackson, Amy Couture, Freddy Yang

This project aims to create an orthopedic surgical instrument that will improve patient safety when passing cerclage wires and cables around a bone.

Bronze, Silver, Old

Time: 3:35-4:05pm
Students: Claire Pfister, Ben Katz, Jeff Brass

This project aims to solve the issue of elderly falls by creating an improved walker. Our walker combines stability and maneuverability to address the prominent causes of these accidents.

Stove Shield, Inc.

Time: 4:10-4:40pm
Students: Anthony Zhao, Dexter Zhuang, Nick Reznicek

Stove Shield is a stove top fire prevention system for the elderly. The Stove Shield system intelligently shuts off power to the stove after the stove has been left unattended based on a temperature-dependent countdown and alerts the user using a distinct buzzer.