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Electronics: Revolution or Evolution

Ronald Lasky, Professor, Thayer School of Engineering

Friday, February 25, 2011, 3:30pm

This seminar is part of the Jones Seminars on Science, Technology, and Society series

With the advent of the iPad, iPhone, Droid and other modern electronic marvels, it would appear that we are in the midst of an electronic revolution. Or are we? In this talk we trace the advance of electronics over the past several generations to assess the nature of the revolution. As part of this discussion, a detailed tear-down analysis of an iPhone, iPad, and Droid X will be presented. In addition to electronics, data communication past, present, and perhaps future will be reviewed. The need for fiber to the home will be analyzed. At the end of the talk, the significance of Watson's recent victory in Jeopardy and the prophesied Singularity circa 2045 enabling immortality will be discussed, with comments from the audience encouraged.

About the Speaker

Ron Lasky is currently an Instructional Professor at Dartmouth College and a Senior Technologist at Indium Corporation. Prior to these assignments, he had over thirty years' experience in electronic and optoelectronic packaging and assembly at IBM, Universal Instruments, and Cookson Electronics. He has authored or edited four books on electronics and optoelectronics and numerous technical papers and authored articles for Scientific American. Dr. Lasky holds numerous patent disclosures and is the developer of electronic assembly software relating to cost estimating, line balancing, and process optimization. He is the co-creator of engineering certification exams in electronic assembly and the Director of Dartmouth's Six Sigma Program. Ron was awarded the Surface Mount Technology Association's Founder's Award in 2003. Dr. Lasky also participates in process optimization for manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, and other industries. He owns four earned degrees, including a Ph.D. from Cornell University in Materials Science. Ron is also a licensed professional engineer.